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Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in Employment with Global Communication Services (GCS/Global).


If you are a licensed clinician who is willing and able to provide quality services to our consumers, we look forward to working with you. We invite you to take the time to review both the job description and the positions that are currently available in your discipline, as well as the provisions listed below. To apply for one or more of our positions, click the "Apply" link above or the "Apply for a Position" link on our main menu.

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  • Job Description
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Provisions for Employment with Global Communication Services, Inc. (Global/GCS)


  • Unless otherwise noted, our positions are part-time and on a contractual basis.
  • Our positions require commitment and dedication to the welfare of our consumers.
  • Services must be rendered without discrimination based on race, sex, or national origin of the consumer.
  • Services are typically provided by the therapist at the consumer's location, typically a group home, day hab, day treatment, or other setting.
  • Services may consist of consultation, evaluation, and therapy for adults or children. 
  • Therapists are required to maintain and submit proof of professional liability (malpractice) insurance in the amount of at least 1,000,000/3,000,000 per claim and shall maintain and pay at his/her expense all required insurance's, taxes and workmen's compensation.
  • Therapists must comply with existing Federal, State, and Academy of Certified Social Workers requirements regarding the provisions of social work services. Proof must be furnished to GCS of current state license as applicable.
  • Therapists must comply with all policies, procedures, requirements, and qualifications of GCS and its referring agencies, including but not limited to proof of annual TB test. 
  • Therapists must maintain confidential, legible, current client records, as required by person and its referring agencies. 
  • Therapists that are assigned a site are expected to commit to and maintain the agreed upon assigned days and schedule. Make-up sessions and coverages are no longer permitted, therefore, it is pertinent that therapists consistently adhere to their set schedule.
  • Therapists are required to maintain open lines of communication with each assigned site. Therapists are also expected to call the site if an emergency should arise and they cannot make a scheduled site visit.
  • Therapists are required to maintain open lines of communication with Global.
  • Therapists are required to report visits to Global within 24 hours of service via phone, fax, or email.
  • All documentation must be submitted to Global in accordance with established procedure and deadlines. All client files shall be filed in GCS office and remain property of GCS.
  • Therapists are required to notify Global at least 2 weeks in advance of planned vacations. Therapists are to notify Global in advance and as soon as possible if an emergency should arise causing the therapist to miss a schedule site visit.
  • Therapists who are assigned a supervisor are expected to maintain open lines of communication with their supervisor and adhere to all supervision requirements.
  • Therapists who are assiged as a supervisor are expected to maintain open lines of communication with their supervisee and adhere to all supervision requirements.
  • To terminate a position, therapists must notify Global in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the desired date of termination.


Purpose: The primary objective of the Social Worker is to provide quality social work to help consumers and their care givers in their group home, day hab, or other setting with their personal and social problems. Social workers assist consumers in understanding the causes of their problems, work with them to modify and change their attitudes and behavior, and offer support that enables them to help themselves.


Essential Functions:


1. Assesses the habilitation needs of the patient through professional knowledge and skills of observation, interviewing and physical examinations initially and on an ongoing basis.


2. Develops and implements in conjunction with the consumer, family, significant other, site representative, and physician, a comprehensive care plan in order to meet the identified needs of the patient. The treatment plan must include measurable short and long-term goals with time frames for achievement.


3. Evaluates the treatment plan with input from appropriate health team members and the consumer, family, guardian, staff. Recommends adjustments in the treatment care plan as needed.


4. Communicates recommendations for changes in the treatment plan to the consumer and the physician in a timely manner in order to secure their agreement.


5. Renders safe, effective therapy based on sound scientific principles.


6. Detects, interprets and acts upon signs, symptoms, and responses exhibited by the consumer in order to formulate appropriate therapy interventions.


7. Carries out treatments and procedures in accordance with the provider and Contractor policies and procedures.


8. Applies basic teaching principles in his/her instruction and supervision of the consumer, family/significant other.


9. Demonstrated the ability to organize and manage consumer caseload.


10. Develops implements and carriers out a discharge plan in conjunction with the consumer, family and other members of the health care team.


11. Participates in Contractor's orientation and in-service education programs.


12. Participates, as appropriate in team meetings and cases conferences.


13. Performs other related tasks as assigned.


14. Maintains consumer and physician confidentiality to assure that consumer's rights are protected.


15. Demonstrates an understanding of professional standards of dress, conduct and ethics.


16. Adheres to the policies and procedures of the provider, the Contractor and OSHA Regulations.


17. Writes comprehensive, legible and concise therapy evaluations, progress notes, and discharge summaries in accordance with departmental, third party reimbursement and regulatory agencies.


18. Submits adequate notes on a timely basis to support all services rendered.


19. Trains and updates site personnel as to treatment being performed so that site personnel may reinforce treatment being provided.


20. Completes and submits all required documentation in the time frame established in the "Documentation Policy" of this manual.


Area Decription



Thank you for our interest in our company. We welcome the opportunity to work with licensed professionals of the highest caliber. Recent grads, graduating CFYs, and international students are also welcome to apply.


To apply for one or more of our positions, please fax your cover letter and resume to Global at (516) 327-4684.


Please make sure that you include the following information:
   *Position you are applying for
   *Geographic location you are interested in
   *Your availability (hours, days, times, etc.)
   *Your contact information and the best time to reach you


Please note that you must be a licensed clinician to apply for our positions (some exceptions exist for CFYs and MA Psychologists).

If you are qualified to fill one of our positions and the position is still available, someone will call you back. If you do not receive a call, your resume will be kept on file for a possible future position.

Once a position is offered to you, you will go through the credentialing process in order to be fully hired.


Global Communication Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


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