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A significant percentage of persons diagnosed with a developmental disability also have diagnosable psychiatric disorders. This subgroup of individuals, however, are not the only ones who come in contact with psychiatrists. Like anyone else, a person diagnosed with a developmentally disabled may present with emotional, behavioral, interpersonal, or adjustment problems that do not constitute major psychiatric disorders but that may benefit nonetheless from psychiatric input.

Treatment is most effectively rendered when the psychiatrist uses the interdisciplinary treatment approach. The psychiatrist must examine the individual’s problem as well as the individual’s relationship to their long-term care givers. Regular contact between the psychiatrist and the individual, and the psychiatrist and the interdisciplinary team are essential components in the treatment of the individual. When choosing a psychiatrist, consideration must be made of the availability for telephone and emergency consultation.
A diagnosis of MR/DD may obscure the standard diagnostic indicators of psychiatric disorders. For this reason, it is desirable that the psychiatrist have familiarity with this population. Global Communication Services uses only Board Certified Psychiatrists with MR/DD experience.