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How to determine the need for services...

Please visit the "Our Services" section of the menu located on the top of the page. Further information is provided under the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of each discipline. This information is geared toward the primary care giver and the treatment team. This information will assist you in determining whether an evaluation and/or treatment would benefit the individual you are involved with.


Reasons for considering Global

  • Meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and maintains high standards of quality
  • Currently serves several hundred consumers throughout New York State
  • Is able to provide these services in all areas of New York State including remote regions that have been traditionally difficult to serve
  • Currently has approximately 150 clinicians on staff who are available to meet clinical needs throughout New York State
  • Offers physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, nursing, nutrition, Psychiatric services and Social work
  • Recognizes the special dental needs of the MR/DD population and is presently developing a mobile dental unit
  • Stands ready to meet other needs as they are identified
  • Integrates services with the ISP and treatment team
  • Assists with the carry-over training of the residential based clinical team, staff, families and consumers
  • Provides quarterly summaries for site use
  • Provides therapist representation during annual meetings and as required


Global consistently receives high marks from customers

In an anonymous survey conducted in 1997, customers indicated their satisfaction with our services. Similar surveys conducted in 2002 and 2004, displayed similar high marks with customer satisfaction. Areas surveyed included:

  • Therapeutic services (quality)
  • Reliability (attendance and punctuality)
  • Service and support (administrative availability and responsiveness)
  • Paperwork compliance
  • Employees (professionalism and courtesy)


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